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What if you wake up one day,and everyone is gone...?

Episode 1

Public Beta Available NOW!

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Project Time Jump Part 1

You are about to download a BETA-version of Project Time Jump Part 1. This means you will be able to play the game "as is", and it still includes bugs and errors. If you want a seamless experience, you will have to wait for the release of the final version.

The BETA-installation involves some manual tweaking. But don't worry, there are instructions.

Come 'on... it will be fun!

You will be able to watch the video content just by opening the files. You are welcome to do so, but this will spoil the game for you. So take my advice: Follow the installation instructions and enjoy Project Time Jump without jumping ahead... of time.... ;)

System Requirements: Windows 10, screen resolution: 1920 x 1080



Project Time Jump is a no-budget independent Adventure Game. For this project, I am writing the story myself and will also write the code needed for the mechanics of the game. It has to do with traveling through time.

This will be a "Full Motion Video Game" (FMV) or, an "Interactive movie" if you like. Players will be able to interact with the in-game characters, by choosing what to tell or ask them.

The game is a labor of love. No commercial party is involved and we provide it to everyone free of charge. We don't even want your data. 


The cast is a wonderful selection of creative talent from all around the world. Everyone involved volunteered. That makes this project unique. This project has talent from the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia working together to create the exciting sci-fi story.


Don't think a film set with a director and a key grip. We make use of the fact that basically everybody today carries pretty good portable video equipment with them, in their pocket books or back pocket. It's easy to share footage with others and with this project I am to bring this all together and compose the story out of it.


Episode 1 will saw it's first public appearance on January 13th 2020, when the public beta got released.


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