Development Update

The basic game mechanics are build and tested. This includes the user interface, static backgrounds, navigation and Full Motion Video (FMV). This early version is the first chapter of the game and a good test case to see how the game will "feel" when being played.

The results of several early test showed extreme lag on older machines and devices with a basic video card. This has been pinpointed to the way the development software handles full motion video. The lag is unacceptable and I feel we have to make the game available for a wide audience, so it has to run on older systems.

This means, back to the drawing board and looking for another platform to build the game on. I am currently looking at several options.

Once I have tested and chosen the new platform, I will make a definite choice. Most of the mechanics have to be re-build on the new platform, but this is merely a matter of translating between two programming languages and rebuilding the screens. More work then first anticipated, but it will not stand in the way of a release in the spring of next year.

That's the update for now, when there is progress or news, I'll post another Development Update.


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