Game Engines and Development Environments

It was an interesting week at the Project Time Jump Development room... Due to performance issues, we had to look at alternatives for the game engine we started out with.

Unreal, Unity, Microsoft Visual Studio and Anywhere Software's B4J were the candidates and I am happy to announce we have a winner! We're going with B4J which is a rich development environment compiling to a Java application that will run on nearly any platform. Tests show that full motion video plays smooth without any noticeable quality loss. This environment also gives much more flexibility when it comes to building the game mechanics. This will result in a much smoother user experience.

So this is pretty much good news for Project Time Jump! The next weeks will be spent porting the current game mechanics, screens and video scenes to the new environment, while adding extra functionality for a better user experience.

Things are looking good, and we're still aiming for a release in the spring of 2019.

Have a fun-tastic day,


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