Making Progress, new Release Date

Creating a Full Motion Video Game like Project Time Jump is like creating a movie, programming several different apps, writing a story and managing everything around it.

Over 18 months ago, I started working on the idea, found some great people to collaborate with from all over the world, and later than expected, Project Time Jump is getting the shape I had in mind one and a half year ago.

The good news: I'm confident that I'll be able to set a realistic new release date within now and the coming weeks. To give you something now, here's a screenshot right from the editing room, which will be used at the beginning of the game, where the player meets the first four time jumpers. This is not a concept art, this is what you will see in the final product!

I still have to ask for your patience, as this project takes much more time then I anticipated, but things are going well and working on it becomes more fun the further this adventure takes place.

Stay tuned, in the next blog post I will announce the new release date!

In the mean time, take care,


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