Development Update - January 2019

Happy New Year Time Jumpers! This year will see the release of the game, and I'm happy to announce that the last scenes are being filmed, and that post production has started. Near the end of 2018 two teasers were released on our Facebook page, and today the Music Score was presented:

In the mean time we are working on the latest clips and have started post production of the scenes that were delivered by actors all around the globe. A very early beta-test showed that the game mechanics work correctly and that performance is well above my minimum requirements.

The final scene will be an interesting one. We are going to film the scenes at a real office building, where you will have to chase the scientist that... Oh wait, I'm giving away too much of the story here... ;) Just believe me when I say: This will be a fun interactive experience!

Lots of coding and video editing is ahead in the coming weeks, but I'm still pretty sure Project Time Jump will see the light this spring!

Enjoy your year!


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